31 March 2020

Quarantine Day 9

Very quiet.
Jetlag makes an overnight comeback, so we make a late start.
A bit of remote trouble-shooting of others' technology, one more successful than the other.
Another food drop - we are running low on tea and tonic.
Brief chat over the fence to our neighbour - is this allowed? We are the statutory 1.5m apart.
Cops come again, fortunately not while we are outside chatting.
We're still here, and doing the right thing. And quite well, thankyou.

29 March 2020

Quarantine day 8: Sunday is a day of rest

So we are one day into week 2. How was our day?

  • Since we can't go out, we have to give our week some shape, which we did by having a Sunday morning lie-in until about midday. Peter still has jet-lag so is a bit sleep-deprived.
  • I decided to have a Zoom-free day, but there were still the larger-than-usual number of phone calls and emails to deal with.
  • We are getting anxious about lack of exercise. Ordered an exercise bike on-line.
  • I cooked a curry and a pork casserole. Had to invent a recipe for the second one as I discovered I didn't have a couple of ingredients for my usual pork dish. Ate it this evening, and it was pretty good.
  • Have discovered that my clarinet teacher has created a whole website full of resources at www.justin-beere.com/claritones. I didn't really have much excuse for not practising before, but have absolutely none now.
  • Peter's daughter Barb and husband Scott did a drive-by visit. We stood on the front veranda, they stood in the street beyond the parked cars and we chatted at about 8m distance. Good to see them.
  • Still haven't really started on the To Do list, and still owe a couple of phone calls. Unless the coming week is very different from last week, there is not much chance of making any impression on the list before we get out of quarantine. Just as well we're not planning to go anywhere much even after next week.

28 March 2020

Quarantine day 7: still busy

Saturday and I thought things might be a bit quieter. Which they were, but only a bit. Spent some time struggling remotely with my sister-in-law's computer setup to achieve audio in Zoom. It would be so much easier if I could just pop down and see her...
Accomplished my usual Saturday task of completing The Times Listener cryptic crossword. It didn't take long - they need to make them harder now we are all stuck at home.
More emails, and I still owe at least one.
More phone calls, and I still owe at least two.
More work on the project to get U3A Port Phillip delivering courses remotely.
More lawn trimming.
Friends still depositing food parcels, or offering to do so. Thank you all.
Peter and I have started watching The Crown, which everyone else watched last year. Quarantine is giving us a chance to catch up with the rest of the world.
And here's a good take on Zoom:

27 March 2020

Quarantine Day 6: Excitement!

Still trying to manage over 60 emails a day, lots of phone calls, two Zoom sessions and a Messenger meet, while thinking up ideas to help the U3A Port Phillip community to stay connected, healthy and generally on top of things. I am really enjoying seeing all my friends in electronic meetings.

The weather today is beautiful, so we make an effort to get outside for some vitamin D. Peter takes the top drawer of his desk out into the sun to sort, I cut grass and trim plants.

But we do have some moments of excitement:

  • Our weekly food drop arrives, thanks to Rosemary, and we have a well-stocked fridge again.
  • Events cause me to break quarantine, very briefly.
  • We are checked out by the cops.
Fortunately items two and three don't coincide, and Peter is able to tell the nice policeman who bangs on our door at about 7:15pm that we are self-quarantining, doing the right thing, showing him the empty bags on our doorstep not yet collected by R as evidence that we're having our food delivered, not going out.

The brief breakout went like this:
I go to the garage to put rubbish in the bin. When I open the door from the garden, I find the electronic garage door is open. I pause wondering how it got that way, then decide that the first priority is to shut it again, so I press the button. But before it closes, the cat shoots in from the garden, through the garage and out the slowly closing door, with me in hot pursuit hoping to grab him before he disappears. Not quite, I'm only in time to see him disappear under a parked car. Cat owner on knees beside car. Cat taking no notice of incitements to come out. When cat finally moves, cat owner isn't fast enough getting off her knees to catch him before he gets under the next car. Game continues for three cars before curiosity about a neighbour's gate gets the better of him and I'm able to grab him. Of course the garage door is by now firmly shut, and I don't have a remote with me, so I have to sprint round from Little O'Grady Street to Finlay Street, clutching 9kg of cat, and then knock on my own door to be let in again. Just as well the cops weren't checking then.

26 March 2020

Quarantine day 5

Still spending most of the day on phone, answering emails, being in Zoom meetings, organising the use of Zoom for my local U3A, or helping friends get Zoom.
Hoping the flurry of social activity will quieten down next week, so I can finally make a start to the To Do list.
Definitely not bored, but it is nice having a cat when you're in quarantine:
Which reminds me, we are now just about through jetlag, last night nearly a normal night's sleep.

25 March 2020

Quarantine day 4

Good things about quarantine:
  • You don't wreck the skin on your hands with constant washing.
  • You can dress in soft pants. I'm still in jeans, but, but my friends are advocating this.

Bad things about quarantine:
  • You have to put on make-up because you realise that otherwise on Zoom your features are invisible.
So how was my day?
  • Three Zoom meetings, about 60 emails (ignoring the spam) and I lost count of the phone calls today.
  • Food stocks holding up - food drop today but only of a couple of things which my neighbour hadn't yet delivered from the list I sent home.
  • My friends all seem well, and are coping, mostly by hunkering down in the homes or beach houses.
  • My desk still looks like a tip.
  • I haven't had a long enough period of quiet to get any clarinet practice done - rats!
  • No progress made on recording my Shakespeare lectures.
  • I've still got jetlag - awake from about 4:30 until 6pm. Read a great new book called "This is Shakespeare".
  • Getting to be a more expert Zoom user, but now know that it isn't particularly suited to a singing group rehearsal.

24 March 2020

Quarantine day 3

Good things about quarantine:

  • You only have to look OK from the shoulders up (for Zoom).
  • If jetlag gets you and you sleep half the day, it doesn't really matter.
  • The garden gets weeded whenever you need fresh air.
  • You connect with all the people you've been meaning to connect with for ages, but haven't got around to.
Bad things about quarantine:
  • You spend a lot of time sending emails, on the phone, or Zooming.
  • You spend a lot of time trying to assist your friends and family to get started on Zoom so that you can see their happy smiling faces when you talk to them
  • You have to get 3 meals a day
  • There still seem to be far more things to do than there are waking hours in the day.