03 August 2016


Recycled birthday cake (lots of baby boomers here)
We arrive in Goldsborough on Wednesday evening, and stay for a week with Laura Lindsay, who has been a friend since we were in Grade 6. She has insisted that we arrive in time for my 70th birthday, so that she can throw a party. Festivities begin the previous evening with dinner and my first present - a picture from my step-daughter from my first marriage which she has posted to Yorkshire to await my arrival. More cards and presents the next day, a cardigan and some bling, the latter is immediately worn for the afternoon party. The weather starts fine, but by about 11am it is clearly not going to stay that way, so we relocate drinks and nibbles to the garage, and have lunch indoors. Last guests leave at about 9:30pm, by which time I've over-indulged in both food and wine. But a good time was had by all.
Peter meets Blind Jack in York
We spend the next five days participating in English village life. P is disappointed because there is not one murder. We attend a wedding in the local ancient church, because Laura and partner David are singing in the choir (they are paid to do so). We thoroughly enjoy an amateur performance of "Quartet" in Harrowgate, help Laura entertain again when her choir has its end-of-season garden party before the summer break after their usual performance in church on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday we venture further afield  to the Yorkshire Dales to admire the views, eat a splendid pub lunch, and go to York to visit the Railway Museum, and walk around that very historic city. The weather is an improvement on Glasgow, but still showery.
On Wednesday we pack up and say farewell to Goldsborough, which has been lovely, and head south.
More pictures.

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