06 August 2019

Homeward bound

It's time. We've used up all ten trips on our Eurail passes, we've seen more castles, churches and palaces than you can shake a stick at, we've boated/cruised on lakes and rivers. I've handwashed the undies for the last time, the cobbles have caused the sole of one sandal to disentegrate and we both need a haircut. We are looking forward to a proper double bed (not two singles pushed together) and being in a country where you can eat outside without secondary smoke inhalation. Not that there will be much incentive to eat outside in Melbourne at the moment - we are not looking forward to winter weather.

Leaving Vienna is a breeze. We are packed up and out of the apartment before the 10am checkout. We walk our luggage to the Hauptbahnhof, stopping for a final Vienna coffeehouse breakfast at Cafe Goldegg on the way. The train takes us to the airport in 15 minutes and we relax in the lounge until it's time to board. We get a bit of sleep on the first leg to Bangkok, and I try to stay awake for the whole of the Bangkok-Melbourne leg so that I can get back into Melbourne time asap.

Lovely to see the wide brown land stretching away when I peek out the window. May feel less enthused when we get to freezing Melbourne in a couple of hours time.

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