29 March 2020

Quarantine day 8: Sunday is a day of rest

So we are one day into week 2. How was our day?

  • Since we can't go out, we have to give our week some shape, which we did by having a Sunday morning lie-in until about midday. Peter still has jet-lag so is a bit sleep-deprived.
  • I decided to have a Zoom-free day, but there were still the larger-than-usual number of phone calls and emails to deal with.
  • We are getting anxious about lack of exercise. Ordered an exercise bike on-line.
  • I cooked a curry and a pork casserole. Had to invent a recipe for the second one as I discovered I didn't have a couple of ingredients for my usual pork dish. Ate it this evening, and it was pretty good.
  • Have discovered that my clarinet teacher has created a whole website full of resources at www.justin-beere.com/claritones. I didn't really have much excuse for not practising before, but have absolutely none now.
  • Peter's daughter Barb and husband Scott did a drive-by visit. We stood on the front veranda, they stood in the street beyond the parked cars and we chatted at about 8m distance. Good to see them.
  • Still haven't really started on the To Do list, and still owe a couple of phone calls. Unless the coming week is very different from last week, there is not much chance of making any impression on the list before we get out of quarantine. Just as well we're not planning to go anywhere much even after next week.

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