20 March 2020


We take the tank (aka Volvo XC) into Canterbury so our friend Robbie can get a new SIM card for her dongle and thereby reconnect to the world. We do the "Park and Ride" exercise that makes visiting mediaeval walled cities by car really easy.
Robbie tells us that Canterbury is empty - no crocodiles of French school children, no other tourists either. While Robbie is in the Vodafone shop we find a lovely French cafe that is still serving coffee in china cups rather than in take-away cups. We return there with her for lunch when she's finished with Vodafone. We do some more shopping, finding carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes but no common or garden spuds, no garlic, and hardly any soap. We buy wine, olives and biscuits for cheese - no shortage of non-essentials (or are they? Personally I'd swap a packet of pasta for olives any day, especially the Marks and Spencers ones we bought which were delicious).
We drive back the pretty way, not via the motorway, giving Peter the opportunity to test his narrow-lane driving skills, judging whether you can make it to the next passing place each time there is an oncoming car. Back in Deal we decide to have fish and chips for tea. Peter buys 3 serves of fish and 2 chips, thereby solving the potato shortage for Robbie as the three of us fail to eat all of even one serve of chips. We think the rest will freeze and microwave quite nicely.
We're now about to settle into Robbie's sofa bed for our last night in the UK. I can't believe it's only a week and a half since we left home. So much has happened. And not happened. A month ago I thought that we would be between Reykjavik and the Faroes tonight. Now we're just happy to be starting our journey home tomorrow, even though were going to be in quarantine for 14 days when we get there on Sunday. The blog may continue for that fortnight to give me another thing to do.

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