25 March 2020

Quarantine day 4

Good things about quarantine:
  • You don't wreck the skin on your hands with constant washing.
  • You can dress in soft pants. I'm still in jeans, but, but my friends are advocating this.

Bad things about quarantine:
  • You have to put on make-up because you realise that otherwise on Zoom your features are invisible.
So how was my day?
  • Three Zoom meetings, about 60 emails (ignoring the spam) and I lost count of the phone calls today.
  • Food stocks holding up - food drop today but only of a couple of things which my neighbour hadn't yet delivered from the list I sent home.
  • My friends all seem well, and are coping, mostly by hunkering down in the homes or beach houses.
  • My desk still looks like a tip.
  • I haven't had a long enough period of quiet to get any clarinet practice done - rats!
  • No progress made on recording my Shakespeare lectures.
  • I've still got jetlag - awake from about 4:30 until 6pm. Read a great new book called "This is Shakespeare".
  • Getting to be a more expert Zoom user, but now know that it isn't particularly suited to a singing group rehearsal.

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