10 March 2020

Yes, we're really going

Despite all the doom and gloom news, we are at the airport, in a nearly empty Air New Zealand lounge, waiting for our Thai Airways flight to Bangkok.
We had another moment of doubt about going because another family member who has been ill for a couple of weeks was deteriorating, but he went into hospital yesterday, and at least is now getting some treatment. So we are a little less concerned about him, and can go back to worrying about what could happen to us.
At the airport, mask wearers are in the minority, although one of the check-in girls wore both mask and disposable gloves. Here in the lounge there is a chap in mask and Akubra, making him look like someone from a very old Western.
There is another couple our vintage here, but from their accents I would guess they are homeward bound, not brave (or foolhardy) travellers to foreign parts like us. Will be interesting to see how full the plane is.
We have packed bulk cold weather gear: thermals, warm pants, sweaters, waterproof overpants, jackets, beanies, scarves, hats, gloves, boots, even crampons in case Iceland lives up to its name. Even so our combined carry-on baggage weight was a mere 22kg.
Will blog more regularly than I usually do, as we know that many are concerned or curious about how the venture will go. So watch this space 

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